Montessori Monday~ Soil

Today we headed into our next part of the waseca biome study~ soil! This is a rather long section and I I think it will take us two weeks to get it all in! I had planned to go out today and explore soil, but the girls were rather tired so we will do that tomorrow! We did get some work though, and I added some trays that are soil related! We also read a couple of books today about soil. So i think that this will allow us to have a good base for our exploring tomorrow! Bunny and I were able to talk about all the things that make up soil and we found that alot of it we have covered with our rock study in October. But we were talking mostly about rocks at the time, so now we will see how it all fits in with soil and the rest of the world! Very cool!

Spooning Soil

Scrubbing a rock
(I have done this work a million times, but I thought I would officially present it to Pup now that she is a bit older! She really liked it!)

Sorting parts of the soil
(I have small stones, brown leaves, and acorns)

Transferring moss with chopsticks

PomPoms in the Spindle box
(this work is for Pup!She is starting to know some of her numbers and she loves to count! This is a work that we did several time today. She loved that 0 means nothing!)

As a side work, Bunny has discovered Lizards. She wants to know all about them. Today she explored all the continent boxes to find all the pictures that we have of them and there is not very many of them! So I guess we are moving on from Parrots to Lizards. Hmmmm….another thing I know nothing about! Anyone have some tips?

Stamp game.

I also found these awesome Animal Discovery pages that Bunny can fill out after she learns about a particular animal! The website for these is here.

Bunny read a little book today!
So that is what we are up to! Stop by tomorrow to see where our soil study ( with a side of lizards) ends up! I think it will be great! I hope you are all having a great start to your week! If you want to see more Montessori fun, stop by Living Montessori Now for some amazing ideas!!!! As always, I linked up there! Happy Schooling Everyone!