Montessori Monday~ Valentine’s Trays

Well I managed to put together some fun Valentine’s theme trays for the girls this weekend! I wanted so badly to make some pretty transferring trays and a pink pouring work, but Pup is SO over all of that. She will not choose any of those things, so I guess making them is a waste. 🙁 Too bad because I love them! However, I think I was able to make some pretty trays while still keeping it interesting for them! Do you want to see what we are doing this month? Here is what we have out on the shelves!

Heart Matching

Valentine Playdough
The gems are here so she can decorate the hearts!

She has definitely been moving forward in the maths and here are her heart counters. My guess is that we can soon add the cards add counters to her work time. Pup has been doing a really great job with this and did this without any mistakes!


Tracing Hearts of different sizes.

Punching Hearts
The girls got right to work today with all the new fun! Pup tried everything and Bunny wanted to learn to braid right away. So I sat there and helped her. It took her a LONG time to finally get it and boy was she proud that she got it!

Pup wanted to do the number work. She did it three times and loved it! It is so good to see her so excited about  learning!

Another thing that I got for Pup today is a rhyming box. She loves it! Word games are something she is loving right now! We play them every night before bed!

Bunny and I have also started All About Spelling today and I am excited about it! If you want to find more Montessori fun, stop over at Montessori Monday! Stop back tomorrow for the next Cooking With Books Series! Its going to be Pink! 😉 Happy Schooling!