Montessori Monday~ Winter Work time!

Well its Monday again and everyone in our area is heading back to school (yes we started last week, but shhhh….don’t tell Bunny). So this means we had Bug and Tadpole back today for the first time in over two weeks! That being said we really didn’t do too much school work since everyone was settling back into a routine! However, I did have Bunny do some work and the others came down for a bit to try out some new things! I was able to put our a couple of new trays while keeping most of the ones I made last week too. So far this is working out well. There are a few new things, but there is also the other ones out for them to keep working with. Here are the trays I made this week for our snowy winter theme:

Building an Arctic scene on our Nature Tray
(I put the igloo Bunny made last week on a tray with all of the items from our Arctic Toob, some pine cones, and rock for the kids to create an arctic scene. It is our nature tray and I am hoping that this will be a new way to do the nature tray sometimes to help keep the interest up!)

“Snowball” scooping
This is a good one for Tadpole!

Matching Snowflakes
(This work was from My Montessori Journey. I found it last year and I hope Bunny likes it better this year!)

And this is Bunny’s Work list for the week. This worked out for us last week so we are going to keep trying it. I hope that it helps us see what she needs to do this week. She has to do these works sometime this week and she is free to do all the other works too!
I really pushed Bunny today to do some work. I know that it is not really “Montessori” but she needs to work. She is in Kindergarten and I think that she should be doing school work a few times this week. So I told her she could choose her work, she can choose when to do it most of the time (in the morning, or the afternoon) and she can choose where to do that work. She does not however have the choice to learn! 🙂 She must do some work. This did not make her happy, but she did work hard when she got going. Here is some pictures from our day!
Spooning Snowballs

(Ok to be honest, just one puzzle, one time, but he got it put back together!)

Bunny read a whole reader today!!!!!
I was so proud of her!!!!! I guess she is going to get it after all! 🙂

This is what the other kids did while I was reading with Bunny! 🙂 Yikes!

They tried to clean it up. After a few minutes I needed to step in and help out. They were spreading them all over the room!!!! I think that I need to rethink the sensory bin thing! I’m REALLY glad it wasnt rice!:)

Bunny also worked on the snake game.

And we wrote some words today. I helped her a bit with the harder sounds, but she thought them up on her own! Yeah for her! I think she did a great job!

So that is our day here! I love seeing more Montessori inspiration! So if you have a moment pop on by to Living Montessori Now and check out all the great blogs linked up! Also take the time to read Deb’s post, she has a ton of great winter activities! Happy Schooling Everyone!