Our First Day of School!

Well today became our first official day of school! I didn’t think Bug and Tadpole were coming over till next week, but they came to day, so we hit the school room! As most first days go, it was a little sporadic, but was a good start. I let the girls explore what they wanted to do. I have everything pretty scaled down to just the basic material (cylinder blocks, knobless cylinders, pink tower, red rods, metal insets, a few practical life, and some toddler work). Most of the work that we did today was all easy work that everyone had worked with last year, but this is a great way to head back into real work time! It was really relaxed and the kids really moved around from work to work without any real concentration, but again this is to be expected right off the bat! I really think that we are going to have a great year! Next week I will start my alphabet letter for the girls! I really think that it will be a fun way to work on sounds! Here are some pictures from today:

I have 3 geometric solids on a tray right now (like a demonstration tray) and I a really hoping someone thinks that they look like fun! These have been one work that really has not interest anyone for more then a fleeting moment. We’ll see of it works! Tadpole and Pup tried it, but didn’t really like them! 🙂

I also presented Tadpole with the coin box and it was a really awesome hit! He worked really hard on this for about 7 or 8 whole minutes ( for an active 1 year old boy this is a lifetime!) 😉 He mastered it!

He also worked with some crayons!

Pup really took it upon herself to show him how to some work! It was really cute to watch her show him how do the work! She did a good job too, he did do it the way she showed him!

Here she is doing a puzzle.

Bug did some flower arranging.

She also started to work with Pink Tower!

I loved that she not only corrected her work, but she also lined the edges up carefully! She did a wonderful job. I think I will present the red rods next!

She also did some painting in the afternoon! She really loved it! In her own words it was “so amazing and wonderful! The best thing she ever did!”

This is her painting of a Poodle….

….and this is her painting of her Mother.

We also found some really large oak leaves while we were outside and so I made the girls fairy hats! 🙂 They LOVED them! All I did was pull the edges together and sick some flower stems through the edges! Super simple and super fun!

Here is a close up of Bunny’s hat!
So that is what our first day looked like! I hope that the rest goes well too!I think it will. Bugs mom said that she was excited to work at “her school”!
 How has your school year been going?