Pink Tower is New Again!

The last couple of days I have been trying to find ways to get Pup interested in the sensorial work again. I dont think that she is done with it yet, and I just needed to find something that will add a spark to this! So I found a great post on some Pink Tower and Brown Stair extensions! So I showed Pup some ideas and we picked one to do together! She loved it! We have done a quite a few of them the last few days! Even Bunny got interested! I see alot more of this in our future!


This week has been a great one for work time, but I have realized that we need to get back to making sure that work time is fun, interesting and challenging too! For Bunny, she needs to get back to having fun while she learns! Its not just about a to do list. This week has been a great start so far. Pup I think needs to be challenged more. So I have been trying really hard to pull out the extensions that I never have with her so that she can start to find new work on her own with the materials we have! It is so easy to get into a rut and not move out of it. How do you make learning fun and refresh old work?