Playdough Reading!

Well Bunny is really close to reading! I can feel it! She needs to really understand the sounds blending and she will have it. I think she gets the idea, but she need to practice it. When she sees a word that she hasn’t seen before, she has to think for a really long time. She gets it most of the time.
Anyway, today we were all playing with playdough and Bunny was making snails. I thought I’d be silly and write the word snail with the dough! 🙂 She thought it was really cool and before I knew it we were talking about the double letter “ai”! She isn’t ever very interested in doing new sounds, so I was really glad I could take advantage of these teachable moments. Then I thought I would push a little bit and I wrote a “nail” with playdough and asked her to read it. She DID!!!! She was SO proud! Then she wrote it with her moveable alphabet!!!! We also wrote “cool” and “tool”! I told her she was reading and she was so excited her buried her face into a pillow! Then she really got confident and tried to read a book. It didn’t work real well, but she did remember some of the sight words I showed her the other day! I was really proud of her and I just cant wait till she reads! I’m sure that one day it will just click and she will read everything! 🙂 Here are some pictures of her work:

Here is snail. I showed Bunny that the two letters go together and she wanted to join all the other double letter sounds that we made! 🙂

Bunny made this word all by herself.

Here she is sounding out the word.

Here is Bunny trying really hard to read “nail”. She made it with the moveable alphabet after Pup tried to squish the one I made out of dough. She actually didn’t sound it out loud. She did it in her head.

She saw “toolbox” on the chalk board picture for the week and she added box to her word!

Here she is trying to read another word!

She got it! She was too proud to even look at me!

She read “cool” and was so excited her hid her face in the pillows!

We even tried to read “tail” I thought she would see that all the “ail” words rhymed, but she didn’t see it!

Here is her thinking face! 🙂

More thinking!

Here she is trying to read.
So that was one of the highlights of my schooling today! We also had a tea party and did some other work, but more on that later! Stay tuned! Happy Schooling!