Pride and Parrots

Today was a pretty normal day! Bunny did more parrot work and Pup did some more counting! Bunny is working really hard on a whole new parrot book and has been looking at a whole bunch of new parrots! Here are some pages in the book. I told her that we should let it go unbound for a bit in case she has some new ones she would like to add later!

Later on, Bunny and I read one of the little books we made. She did a great job and is really getting better with her sounding out! She is starting to gain a bit more confidence in that. However, today she was skip counting by 5s and missed a few numbers. I pointed it out to her and she broke down crying say that I am never proud of her! What?!?! I wasn’t sure what made she say that, and I told her of course that I was so proud of her and I asked when she thought I was proud of her. She said that she didn’t know, and I am not sure what to do. I don’t praise her all the time, but I do tell her when she has done a good job. Has any of you had a moment like this? What did you do? I want her to know and feel that I am proud of her even when she makes mistakes. I guess she doesn’t feel that and I feel awful that I have failed her in this. Ugh! I really am not sure what to do! Poor Bunny. She is my first and I feel like I am constantly experimenting with her! If anyone has any good, positive advise I would love to hear it. Ahhhh….Parenting is so tricky some times!

Today I did show her how counting by fives can help her with telling time! This idea came from my friend over at Mi Escuelita Montessori! It is a really wonderful idea!
Another thing that has become an interesting interest that has popped up is that Pup is loving Flamingos! Yes there is a tropical bird thing sweeping my house! I really don’t know what that is all about. So I printed off the FREE Flamingo cards from Montessori Print Shop! Bunny was so kind to take the pictures of the work to show you all! Yes I am raising bloggers! đŸ˜‰

Pretty good pictures huh?
SO that is what is happening here! Tomorrow I am hoping to get up to the “big” library. It is the biggest and main library in our library system. It is two stories and HUGE! I have tried to get there for the last few days,so we will see! If not, we will work on some more school work and get outside! I hope your week is going well! Happy Schooling!