School Day!

Today we were able to get downstairs to do some school work! It went really well and it really gave me some hope that our next theme will go well! They both told me that they are done with the Princess theme, and want some new work! I guess I’d better get to work! They had some fun while they worked today! It is interesting that they don’t want to leave their play to go downstairs to work, but when they get down there, they have fun! Is that just here or do you find that in your home too?
Here are the pictures of what we did today!

Polishing the Mirror

I found my cards I bought a long time ago for the geometric cabinet and pulled out the cards that matched the metal insets! Pup LOVED matching these to the cards! She did it a bunch of times!
(My plan then was to use them as a template to make the cabinet…needless to say I never did that!)

Bunny wanted to do the Hundred’s Broad because she said she forgot her numbers! After she finished it, we counted out loud to 200 (boy that takes a long time)!

After matching them a few time, I told her some of the names. She would repeat them and then trace the shape!

 Bunny was so proud of finishing this! It takes her a while to find all the right tiles!

Princess or not princess.

Bunny and I reviewed a bunch of double letter sounds. Then I wrote words for her to read using the sounds. This was fun! We also practiced some other reading and she did well. I just need to remember to back off when she is feeling done!

She ended the day with some fun easy worksheets!

So that was our day! It was a good one and I think that we are going to get ourselves onto a better schedule with more work time! I am going to be working on my Biome study this week and I hope to get us started next week! Wish me luck!!!! Happy Schooling!