Welcome Montessori Print Shop!!!!!

Today is a milestone day for Discovery Days and Montessori Moments! We have our very first official sponsor ~ Montessori Print Shop! I am so honored to be working with them since they are the very best when it comes to affordable, printable Montessori Materials! I love their materials and I cant tell you how much time they have saved me! Not only are they ready made, but you can buy them, download them, and print them in minutes (and since my planning isn’t always the best, sometimes I have to do that to make a lesson really good!). I really hope that you stop over there and see what they have! I really love all the nomenclature cards (its good to buy them, especially when you have no idea what you are talking about! Yes I admit, I had to study some cards well before I even gave the presentation since I had no idea what I was teaching!). These cards give you clearly drawn pictures with all the proper spots highlighted, and they also come with a back line master so that your child can make their own booklet or cards! Bunny LOVES making books and she will always make the book that is included in the set. I wrote a review of these cards here if you want to see how Bunny and I use them. I also love that they have all the continents box pictures and maps available! They are just beautiful and all are color coded to match the traditional Montessori continent colors (you can buy them without the colors too)! Trust me when I say, the money that they cost is well worth the time it takes to make all the cards for each continent on your own. Finally, they not only have all the language materials read to, but they also sell a complete album set for the 3-6 range! They pretty much have everything you need! So please stop by there and see the amazing work that Jennifer does! If you are still not convinced that they have great stuff, you can always check out their freebies!!!!1 That’s right, they have really great freebies here! Check it out and let me know what you love! Happy Shopping ahem….Schooling! 🙂