Biome Study and Work time!

Well today we had another really great work period! Bunny worked with our stations of the cross box and did some great reading practice!I wrote words on the chalk board and she read them! She did a wonderful job! Pup and I worked with a few more sandpaper numbers and she also did some pink tower extensions!!! She really has mastered this work and it so sweet to see her working with the materials in a older way. I have noticed that she seems to have grown into the next level of development and is thinking like a pre-primary kiddo! Here are some pictures of our work time!

Water Work

Egg Transfer

Here is Pup “doing her silence”. She actually requires all of us to be silent when she picks this work! 🙂

Sandpaper numbers

Stations of the cross box. I made this last year.

Here is Pup doing the pink tower extension. I placed half the cubes on one mat at the far end of the room, and the other half on another mat on the other side. Pup then had to build the pink tower by finding the right cubes! She did it twice and loved it!

Polishing the cross.

Pup also worked with the red rods. She found out that small block could be put together to make a shorter one the same length as a longer one! This really interested her and she did it with a couple of other ones as well. I then represented the red rods (she still cant get it all laid out correctly) and showed her how to check it with the small rod. She liked this too!

Here is her red rod layout! She did really well!

Here are some of the words that Bunny read today. In addition to these, she also read some verb phrases and did what they said to! 🙂

Bunny ended her work time with the snake game! We did alot of work in the hour and half we were downstairs. I think that if we keep in a good rhythm we will really get into some longer more involved work time!
After lunch we headed out to the part to see if we could find the all the part of a biome! It was sunny and chilly, but we saw alot of different things! We saw energy, air, water, soil, plants, and animals. It was fun to see all the elements in real life! Here are the pictures of what we saw!






Bunny and Pup were excited that we found a frog! We also saw a small snake, a bunch of different birds, and a deer!

Can you see the deer? I took the picture from the car so it wasn’t really very good.
After some biome fun, we headed over to the park!!!!

It was a fun day! I think that tomorrow will good too! I hope that your week is going well too! Happy Schooling!