Montessori Monday~ "L" is for Leaf!

Our theme this week is “l” is for leaf! I thought that it was not only seasonally appropriate, but it also extended out theme from last week! So that means we don’t really have any new trays! However, that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything new! 😉 Today was still warm so I herded the kids outside all day! We started off with our circle time and I told the girls a story about Lottie the Leaf fairy. Lottie’s Job was to talk to all the leaves and help them change from spring to summer to fall! She very busy at this time of year and was working one day when she spotted two little girls. Normally she hides when she see people, but today she was so busy that she didnt. The two girls of course saw her right away and asked her what she was doing. Well Lottie told the girls all about chlorphyll and how it is what makes food for trees and also what gives them their green color! She told them that the chorophyll also needs the sun, water, and nutrients to make food for the tree! She also told them that right now she was really busy telling the leaves that it is time to stop making food for the tree. When they do that, said Lottie, the leaves turn colors! When I was telling this story I used paper leaves to show how the colors change! This idea came from Homschool Escapade. If I am honest I didnt know why the leaves changed colors this morning! I’m really glad that I found this post! I think that the girls really got it! I made a few new boxes for our outside learning environment and after circle time, I set the girls loose! Here is what we did today!

Here are our books this week!

Leaf Rubbings
Acorn work
I put this work in baskets to go outside! Tadpole played it for a bit, but her mostly just carried the pieces around! He is defiantly in the “small things” sensitive period.
Leaf Drawing
I saw this idea on pintrest. You cut the leaf in half then glue on half on a paper. Then you draw the missing half. It looked like a great way to work on observation and art! 🙂

Here they trying out the leaf art….

It turned into a leaf collage! 🙂

Too Cool!

This is acorn caps with addition and subtraction problems for Bunny!

She rocked them! It took a few minutes to see the difference between the signs,
but she got it and did all of them!

We also sounded out words and she wrote them on the sidewalk!

I also got the pumpkins I bought and gave the girls the scrub brushes…..
I have two of the cleanest pumpkins ever!!!!!

Tadpole thought it was awesome!

Bunny also raked leaves for the other kids and they danced and tossed leaves!
Happy Fall Time!!!!!

After all this work we headed out for a walk to hunt for leaves! It was so much fun to see the changes a lack of chlorophyll has on the fall leaves! The girls collect a handful of beautiful leaves and I had a project for them to do with all the leaves! We got home and I pulled out the contact paper and let them make sun catchers with their treasures! Even Tadpole was able to make this project! 🙂
Here is Pup decorating her sun catcher

We even added glitter!

The girls were very proud of their work!

Aren’t they pretty?
Well that was our day! If you want to see more amazing Montessori work head over to the Montessori Monday link up at Living Montessori Now! Tomorrow is Taking Time Tuesday here, so stop back to see what we are up to! Happy Schooling!