New School Year (and a Nature Walk)!!!

Well I was planning to officially start our school year next Monday, however my girls had other ideas! 🙂 Yesterday I started cleaning up the work in our classroom. I needed to put some work away and I needed to get some new trays out. Well next thing I know the girls are working, not just dabbling, but really hard core working! I think we ended up getting a two hour work period in! I was really surprised since I didn’t encourage it at all! So I thought I would take them down there again today, but they beat me to it! I came down this morning to find them already working in their jammies! I guess we are really ready to hit work hard next week!

Pup did Pink Tower a few times and she did get it put together correctly!!!

Bunny did alot of easier work she hasnt done in a long time!

Here they are working right out of bed!

We also had such a nice day that I took the girls out to a park for a walk. Neither girl really wanted to go, but they ended having a great time! Bunny found Queen Ann’s Lace and she fell in love! I have never seen here like a flower so much! I tried to pick on for her, but I ended up pulling the whole plant out. Bunny decided that she would plant it in our garden! 🙂 She did plant it and is planning on watering and taking care of it! Here are some pictures of our walk!

Bunny told me that this was a bunny leaf! 😉 She liked it alot!

Here she is with her Baby plant! She was so excited!
When are you starting school this year?