Taking Time Tuesday!

Well yesterday was St. Nicholas day and of course he stopped at our house to fill the girls shoes! Bunny was too excited to fall asleep and when she woke up she flew down the stairs to see if he came! He did of course! She and Pup were just so happy! I love the magic of childhood!

Bunny was so excited she was moving so fast! This was the best pictures that I could get! 🙂

Pup was s happy too!

St. Nick got both girls new outfits for their dolls! Pup loved hers and wanted to dress just like her later when it was time to put clothes on! It took a while to find the perfect outfit to almost match! 🙂

Here are the dolls all dressed. Bunny set them up!
As you can see they got right to playing!
The other amazing thing that happened was that we got a tiny bit of snow! When Bunny saw it she said “There is snow and St. Nicholas came and its is JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS”!!!!!! 🙂 This snow was just a dusting and I know that we will get so much more soon, but this deserved to be celebrated, so we went out in it! The girls rolled around in it, ate some of it, and threw some of it! 😉 After a bit I suggested that we go out to the park and the girls thought that sounded good! So we took the time to go to for a walk! I forgot how great it is to be outside in the cold and I realize that we need to get out more even though it is cold. Here are a few pictures of our time outside!

There was no snow out on the hill since we were on the lake and its a bit warmer there!
 There was a ton of mud though!

So we had a fun day and I love being able to do these things with my little girls! It really is a special time together! What do you to have time with your kids?