More Snowflakes!

Well we are finally getting a bit of snow!!!! Yesterday, the girls saw the snow and were all ready to go out and check it out! So off we went armed with our back paper (to catch snowflakes on) and our magnifying glasses (to see them better). However, it just was too cold and snowflakes were more like snow bits. 🙁  Later though we going to store and the snow started again. This time however, the snowflakes were perfect! 🙂 We weren’t outside, but the snow flakes were sticking to the windows of the car and the girls were able to see them there! It wasn’t where I thought we’d have our lesson,  but it worked! It really is amazing how perfect snowflakes are isn’t it?

My little investigators! 🙂

See? Snow bits!
 I didn’t get pictures of the snowflakes (I was driving)!

So it was a really great homeschooler moment yesterday! You always need to be ready to learn because you never know when it will happen!  I love being able to learn on the go! How do you change your lessons to adjust to a little issue with the learning?
I hope you all had a wonderful school week! Happy Schooling and Happy Snow! 😉