Nature and Grammer~ Homeschooling is Awesome!

Today we had a chance to head out to the park with some friends today for a nature walk! It turned out to be a really beautiful morning and it is a perfect time for beginning of fall nature walk! The acorns and buckeyes are on the ground, the leaves are starting to get some colors, and the weather is perfect! The kids had some bags to collect a few seasonal treasures and it was fun to wander the trails of the forest! Our wandering led us right over to the playground, which was of course an amazing way to end a pretty awesome morning!


I love so much that as homeschoolers we are able to get out and just be sometimes! I cant tell you how much benefit it can be for the kids to just go out a walk in the world. It seemed like when we got home they were more interested in really thinking, playing, and going back outside (as opposed to watching tv). Later on in the day, when we finally got downstairs to do some school work, they were both interested in getting to work! Bunny and I did a new grammar presentation (the adjective) and Pup worked on some zoology puzzles with me! Pup seems to be starting to entering into a sensitive period for words! She was trying to “read” the words on the control chart. So I told her what they said and then she “read” them back to me! It was sweet and it is really cool to watch her growing and learning!
Bunny love love loves the grammar symbols, so I have been presenting them to her in a rather quick way. Today we did the adjective! We did the first presentation and she loved it! It was alot of fun and we spent some time writing some descriptive word in her notebook afterwards! I think that we are going to have to really get those grammar boxes made quickly!

So there you have it for today! We got to have a lot of fun out in nature and we also did some great work! Does learning get better then that? It is a beautiful option that we have to be able to learn however is best for us. Sometimes it seems like I forget what a great gift, and opportunity homeschooling is. It is easy to get caught up in the work, the worry, and the requirements that come with it. But when we remember that this is a gift given to us to give our children, it all seems like the greatest chance of a lifetime! So Happy Schooling Everyone!