Snowflakes and Cold Places!

Well today we didn’t get too much done, but we did dig into our theme! The morning started off with some snow flurries, so we went out to look at snowflakes. This led us to have a whole review on how snowflakes are formed and about their six sides! Bunny remembered everything, but Bug wasn’t there for that lesson and she really thought it was awesome! We caught a few snowflakes and look closely at them. Bunny thought it was cool, Pup didn’t sit still long enough to see, and Bug was AMAZED!!!!! She had no idea that they looked like that for real. In her words “LOOK! They are just like the Christmas ones! They look just like Christmas!” Discovery is amazing!

Pup loves to think she can see better this way! 😉

Bunny was trying to catch the snowflakes on the paper before they hit the ground! It was really hard, but great eye hand coordination!

See our snowflakes? Snowflakes are really amazing!
The ones the other day were better looking, but these were still awesome!

This snowflake adventure led us back downstairs to make more snowflakes with the coffee filters. Bunny showed Bug how to make them and they both made some really great ones! Bug was so excited with hers and she was so proud to hang it up on the bulletin board!!!! (Oh we are all out of coffee filters by the way! Anyone want a snowflake? 🙂

She was so excited to open the snowflake up and see what she made!
(I thought I had more pictures, but Tadpole was sticking an open marker into the top of a open glue stick. I didn’t have enough hands to clean him up and take pictures! See life happens here to!)
We also did some other trays while we were down there and then we read a book all about Antarctica! This something that led to alot of really great interest, so I brought the snow playdough back out! After asking the girls to show me Antarctica on our globe, I got the continent box out and we browsed through the pictures  and talked about them. Then I let them get to work making different Antarctica landscapes! They really loved it. Here are some of the things that they came up with!
Tracing Cookies Cutters

Bunny tried reading a for a bit. She is really doing pretty well.

Bug did more water transfer. She has done this work many times.
 Defiantly am going to keep it around for a while!

Bunny traced the cookie cutters. She put the penguin at the bottom (in the south) and the polar bear trying to catch a seal at the top (in the north). She then copied the compass I drew for her last week! I think she got the difference between the Arctic and  Antarctica!

Here is Bunny’s land.

Here is another one Bunny made. She wanted me to get a picture of the “foot” print!

Bunny and Bug decided to work together to make a scene. I was proud that they wanted to work together!

Here is what they made together!
So that was what we did today! We got some really great work done despite the fact that everyone was feeling a little grumpy! 🙂 Oh well, we all have off days! I hope you are all having a great school week! Happy Schooling!