Its Just Us…..

Things have been really busy here! In fact I have been so busy I almost have no time to really think and come up with fun posts to share. However, I have been taking pictures with the girls and I thought you many want to see a huge blob of photos that we have been taking! Most of these are on my Instagram account, but some are just fun that we have taken! The girls are LOVING my “new” inherited smart phone that allows us to take pictures whenever and wherever! I love memories…..don’t you?

IMG_20141004_190347 IMG_20141006_123203 IMG_20141014_184818 IMG_20141021_125557

20140925_131321 20140926_142926 IMG_20141014_185916 IMG_20141014_190042 IMG_20141016_213538 PSX_20141006_162517 PSX_20141010_212016 PSX_20141012_122214 PSX_20141014_183639 PSX_20141016_115109 PSX_20141016_120330 PSX_20141020_094531 PSX_20141021_110837