Advent Trays and Fun!

Well, as promised, here are some of the trays I have out in my Atrium right now for the season of Advent! I really have been trying to find new ideas for trays that will not only provide some new skills and a way to connect with the scripture that we hear during this time of year! Here is what I have come up with this year:

Straw Transfer

Make an Advent Wreath
(The kids take the wreath pieces and stick them in the clay, then add the candles)

Flipping Stars

Spooning Sparkles

Pouring Purple Beads
(Purple is the color of advent)

This is our prayer table set up for Advent!

We havent had very many works our in our classroom this year, but the other day, Pup and I did a fun extension with the red rods and the knobless cylinders! We made a tree and it was pretty cool!

What do you think? I have made a bunch of works in previous years, and here are some link for you to pop around and find some ideas!
 I would love to hear how you celebrate this time of year in your classroom! Share your ideas in the comments! Happy Schooling! I am linking up over at the Nativity Blog Hop! Stop by and find some more amazing ideas!

The Imagination Tree