DIY Acorn Work

After our awesome acorn hunt yesterday, inspired me to make a fall practical life tray! I thought that it would be fun to match the tops of the acorns with the bottoms of it! So after I baked the acorns yesterday, I took 10 of them, popped the tops off, and glue small bits of velcro on the cap and the nut! Presto, matching work! This was such an easy project, it took all of 10 min to make! Here are the pictures of what I did!

Here is all I wanted! 🙂

I glued the velcro on the cap of the acorn first.

Then I put glue on the top of the other piece of Velcro and squished it on the acorn.
Next I pulled the cap off the acorn and picked any drips of glue off so they don’t glue together!
That’s it! Do the next one and you’re all set!

Pup wanted to try it before I had finished! 🙂

Here is the tray all set for work!
 I put the caps in one cup and the nuts in another.

Here is Bunny putting them together!
So that is my brilliant fall inspiration! I hope that it will be good for eye hand coordination, sorting {when they are done and putting it back}, and even the three finger grip! Let me know if you try this, I would love to see what you think! Happy Schooling!