"F" is for Fun Fall Food!

Well we had a great work time today! Some of the kids tried something new and we had some fall fun too! Bunny did some subtraction with her beads all on her own!!!! I guess that means she has mastered it! Now for practice! Pup and Bug were very social again today and they really will do everything together! I love being able to see how much the social aspect of Montessori changes the way they choose work! They work together and will try something simply because the other kids did!

I presented Tadpole with pouring, but it turned into whole hand transfer! 🙂

Pink Tower

Both girls pulled out the cylinders.

Even Tadpole got in on the fun!

It was really cute to watch the girls work together. Here is how their conversation went:
” Bug you help me build mine.”
“Ok, then you help me build mine”
“OK!!! We can play together”
Too cute! They did built the red one, then then the green one!

Bunny made a book!

Bug got her first shot at the sound cylinders. She did a great job!

I had a lot of crazy bodies today, so I pulled out the line and a bell for a little line walking with the bell.

We also did Fall Finger painting!
{red and yellow are great for fall painting}

After the painting, Bunny pulled out the cleaning tools and everyone joined it! Our classroom hasn’t been cleaner in a while! I wish this would happen more!

We also made an awesome fall snacks that I saw on Pintrest. You take doughnut holes, smear peanut butter on the top, roll it in sprinkles, and stick a piece of pretzel in the top and….tada….an acorn!!!!! The best part about this  the girls were able to make them all on their own! They had a ton of fun making them, and eating them! 🙂 Not healthy, but tons of fun!

I love all the Independence! 🙂

Arent these cute? They turned so well!!!!!

So Happy Fall and Happy Schooling everyone! I hope your week is going well!