FIAR Cranberry Thanksgiving~ Work time!

Well today I got some more work time in with the girls and we really got into the cranberry theme! Bunny started it off with changing the spoon on the scooping cranberries work with some chopsticks! I sat down there with her and we started talking about where cranberries come from and how they grow. I told her that they wet harvest them and she wanted to see if they really floated. So up to the bathroom we went to fill the bowl with water! The cranberries floated of course, and so we headed to the computer to watch a few movies on YouTube all about cranberry harvest. She thought it was cool how they all floated and were in the same area. We of course talked about how this was where Maggie and Grandma lived. We then of course needed to make Grandma’s Famous Cranberry Bread! Bunny made most of it on her own and it really was very good!

They Float!

Here we are watching the movie!

Here is Bunny washing the cranberries for the bread!

Adding ….


And done!!!!!

After this we headed back to the schoolroom for some more work! I made a page of thanksgiving words for Bunny to write, and then she wanted to write a thanksgiving card for Grandma and Grandpa! While Bunny was working, Pup pulled out the scissors and this required me to make some quick cutting papers (thank God for markers )! She then wanted to try the insets! I love the insets.There is so much you ca do with them. So I was inspired to show the girls some Thanksgiving things that you can make with them! Bunny thought it was SO cool! She of course got right to work! They turned out really fun. I know that free art is better, but sometime inspiration is fun too!

More cranberry work!

Here is Bunny writing her words! She is really good with CVC words and is still working on hearing those double letters!

Pup and Bunny both LOVE this work. It does make a mess if it spills though! 😉

Here is Pup writing! She has been trying to write her name. It just never looks the way she wants it to! 😉 Sometimes she manages to make a letter and her excitement is so cute!

Pup is getting SO good with scissors! She is really growing!

Here are her cuts!

She loves try the insets!

She wanted me to take her picture! 😉
Here are the Thanksgiving inset ideas!





Ovoid and circle

Here is Bunny’s

We also played the exchange game. Bunny and I have been working on Dynamic addition and subtraction. The exchange is a little hard for her, so we played the exchange game in hopes of making it better! She loved it! We played to two hundred and then I thought we should move on (ok I got tired). I think we will play it again soon though! I did take some time to play Candy Land with her too. We don’t take the time to play games much and we both had fun!

We have the bank set up on a table

The we roll the dice, add the numbers, and get the correct number of units. When we get to 10 we exchange for a 10 bar. We keep doing this till we get 10 tens bars. The we exchange for a hundreds square. This can go up to 1000. Like I said we went to two hundred!

So it was busy and fun today! I really hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate! There are so many blessing to be thankful for, and all of you are one thing that I am thankful for! Happy Schooling!