Montessor Monday~ FIAR Cranberry Thanksgiving

Well we are officially rowing Cranberry Thanksgiving this week! It is a great story with lots of great moral themes to talk about and there are a ton of ideas for work trays! 🙂 So here are the trays we have for this week! I had a lot of fun working the trays for this row! I know that we are going to have a short week, but I think I will leave them out for two!

Tonging Pumpkins into a box.

One to One correspondence with cranberries

Still out from last week:
Tonging Acorns

Spooning cranberries


Filling bottle with corn using a funnel

Setting the table
(Optional extension making a placemat by tracing)

Putting napkin rings on napkins!

We also had a great work time with the girls. Bug and Tadpole aren’t going to be here this week, so It was just us. The girls really got into a few good works and I am hoping that we will get in some time tomorrow after the dentist appointments! We’ll see what happens! 🙂 Here are my girls working!
Bunny really like the napkin rings!

Here she is folding them back up!

Pup worked with table top rods again. She really loves to do these. She uses them right now like the red rods and so far it has been easier for her! The red rods are hard cause they are so big for her!

Here is Bunny making a placemat by tracing around the table setting pieces. This was really hard for her to do, but she really worked so hard to finish it.

She was really proud of it. I was proud that she even took the initiative to write the words Fork, Kof (Knife) and Spoon! She is writing and I am so proud of her!

Pup tried the red rods, but not without help to tell her to get the next biggest. She did a really good job though! It is cool to see her progress though these works!

Here is how she did.

She even rolled up her rug!

I set her up the cylinder block and she did them. It was tricky, but she did really well!

She also did the funnel work. She had fun with it and was really proud that she could do it all by herself!

Today I took a step forward with helping Bunny with her double letter sounds. I have really been bad at getting her to do the work and we need to buckle down. So we “poofed” some sounds. We have talked about all of these at some point, but she was really rusty.

Here she is flipping the sounds over that I said.

She then decided that she wanted to use the sand trays to practice letters.

And….thankfully her numbers! She did a great job!
 I hope that it will help her when she gets back to the paper! 🙂

There was also a TON of continent box work today! Pup looked through almost all of them!

To end our day, Bunny decided to pull out the dusters and she dusted all of my baseboards!!!! Hooray! It needed to be done so badly! They look a ton better and Pup helped too!

So that is what we were up to today! I hope you all had a great kick off to your Thanksgiving week! I will be posting this on the Montessori Monday Link up at Living Montessori Now and One Hook Wonder, so stop on there and see other great Montessori work! Happy Schooling everyone!