Montessori Monday~ Stone Soup~ "SH" is for Sharing

Well it was a rather long weekend, but here I am again! We started our week out with a little cold affecting Pup and Dad here, so we didn’t have any friends today! This week we are reading Stone Soup and rowing it (I don’t have the FIAR book, but we are doing some activities that work with it).  I have kept it pretty simple and most our trays are the same, I just used our play pots instead of bowls! It will all wrap up so well with the Stone Soup party a friend of ours is hosting on Thursday! It going to be great! So I will show you my trays for the week and our work from today!

Here is our funnel work again It was a huge hit!!!!

Tonging Acorns

Cutting Fruit

Whole hand Transfer


Tweezing Popcorn. This is still a hit too!
Today our work was a little short, but there was a lot of good work done! I hope to get more work time in so we can really move forward. It seems like we do a bunch of work, yet we don’t ever get in all three hours. Hmmm…I guess its a new goal! Here is our work from today!

Here is Bunny sorting beads.
She looked at the book and named each bead as an ingredient that was added in the story!
She is so creative!

Pup decided to play with the chalk board!

Here are some “sh” words that Bunny wrote.

Pup worked on the button frame again! She is so proud when she gets all done!

Bunny and I pulled out the Hundreds Board.
This work overwhelms her, but she can do it! She has figured out how to count all the way to 100, so I hope that she finds this fun!

She did it! 🙂

Pup also tried the zipper board.She still cant quite get it!
We also talked all about how sharing makes things better for everyone. I also wanted to help the girls start to see how so many people have really serious needs. It is starting to get close to Christmas and I know that I have been asking them what they want. This is not the view that I want them to have about what Christmas is all about. I want them to come close to God and also to see what they can do for others. So we talked about missionaries and how they are helping out people without homes, food, or clothes. We cant buy homes and food for everyone in the world, but if we help a little bit and other people help a little bit too, then we can make a difference! I want them to think about this and see that even little things make a huge difference (like each ingredient in stone soup)! So far this is our work. I hope that we are going to be able to keep talking together and I think that this will help as we head into advent to keep thinking about others. I really am working really hard on my plans for advent. I have too many little ideas floating about in my head and I need to find a way bring them all together! So off I go to think and to plan out our taking time Tuesday! 🙂
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