"R" is for Rock Sandwiches!

Today we didnt do any school, but I did take the time to make the rock sandwiches that we saw on Adventures of Bear. It was a really cool to see the different types of rocks in food! 🙂 It is easier ti explain with pictures, so here you go!

Here is Bunny making then layers of her sedimentary rock

Here is the sedimentary rock
{a rock that is made by layers of sediment}

Here is Bunny turning her sedimentary rock into a metamorphic rock
{ A metamorphic rock is a rock changed in the heat and pressure of the earth}

See its different! Metamorphic!

To show Igneous rock, we melted some chocolate to show how the rock is liquid in the earth.

Next we smear some chocolate on a plate to represent the rock that comes to the surface of the earth as lava. Then we let the chocolate cool in the bowl and on the plate to see how the Ingeous rock can be different!
This was an easy and fun way to see the different rock types! I think that sometimes food makes the lesson even better! I think that Bunny understood the different types better after our lunch and since she helped cook, it was great practical life work too!