Real Life Practical Life!

As I mentioned in my last post, we have been working on “spring” cleaning here at the house. So I have not had much time to take pictures! However, we are getting alot done and all in time for the new school year! The house has needed a good clean now for a while, and it was time for me to stop putting it off and go to work! While this is something that I really hate, it is a great practical life activity for the girls! 🙂 I love that it is something that we can do together and I think that it is really a great way for me to jump into being more intentional with my girls. I have had time (while cleaning the walls) to talk to Bunny. Granted it was about how great it would be to have machines that would clean whatever they were near (if you walked by you would get cleaned too) but it was time for me and her to laugh together. Pup has also finally got the way to squeeze a rag over a bucket! She was very proud of it! :)I also am glad that I was able to finish her apron. She is so cute working in her apron! Here are a few pictures of our work (and the new apron)!

Here is Pup trying on her new apron!

I think she likes it! 😉

I even inspired her to make her own lunch! She did a good job!

Here they are getting their rags to scrub walls and baseboards.
 They have been a ton of help!

How do you make practical life work…..well, practical? 🙂