Sewing Badge!

Well as many of you may be wondering, Bunny still is working on a badges. She really wanted to learn to sew a while ago, and after much thinking I decided to help her learn to hand sew embroidery first! She needs a few more years of growing till she is big enough for my sewing maching! I started her slow with holes punched into fabric to string yarn through, but this was way to easy! So I drew a disign out on a cloth napkin for her to sew in and out, then to fill in the gaps she went back through it. She loved  it!!!! She did all four corners, then she started to sew some dsigns on squares of fabric and has plans to make a quilt. I am amzed at her ability and her love of this work! I found her the other morning, sitting in her PJs in a piles of pillows, sewing away! 🙂 As she has moved forward in this she has learned how to do a running stitch, and a satin stitich. She also has drawen her own design! I am really proud of her and I cant believe that this is something she is loving. Bunny is easliy frustraed and I thought that this was something that would be hard for her to stick with, but it has turned out to be a ralxing expirience! Who knew! Here are some of the pictures of her work! I havent gotten pictures of her quilt squares, but I will add them when I get them taken.

Here is Bunny sewing. Most of the time she sewed while I was sewing!

Here is her first project fininished! She loved it!

Here is a close up!

Here are my girls sewing together!

Pup wanted to sew really badly too, so I got her some plastic canvas and yarn. It took awhile for her to master putting the needle through a hole and pull it through.

She did it! I love this look of discovery! 🙂

This was her finished project!
This is the detail pictures of Bunny’s finished napkin. She gave it to her Grandma to decorate her table! 🙂

I think she did such an amazing job! I love that she put so much work into this and that it is somethig she enjoys doing! I hope that she will enjoy it for a while!