A Year of Crafts~ June

Today was our year of crafts day! It was my turn to host and I chose to do a pool party/ beach theme! I was so excited to do a bit of summer decorating around the house and to pull out the kiddie pool for the first time this year!

For the craft I pulled an fun idea I found on Pintrest! We used some empty bottles to make an ocean! We used some water (dyed blue), some sea creatures, glitter, and baby oil! Simple! However, we had some issues with the glitter not sinking to the bottom. I’m not sure why it happened. I think we used too much!  😉 I never thought I could say that about glitter! I think that the kids had fun with it though and they are pretty when you shake them up!

After the project, the kids got their suits on and got into some water fun!!!! When the sun is warm and the water was cool! There was alot of splashing and alot of fun!

And of course I had to go all out for lunch! Since everyone was having so much fun in the water, I thought that eating outside would be the best idea! So I packed them their summer lunch in a pail! It was just awesome to see them wandering around with their own lunch in a bucket! We had ham starfish shaped sandwiches, Goldfish crackers, Strawberries on Skewers, and juice drinks! We followed this up with some really fun seashell shaped cookies that I served on crushed graham crackers sand!

We had a ton of summer fun today and I hope that this is something we can do again soon! I have to say that this Christmas gift idea was really the best one ever! Not only do we make time each month to have fun together, we also get to be creative too! Our friends are the best, and we are so blessed to have them in out lives!