A Year of Crafts~ October~ Halloween!

Today we had our friends over for our monthly craft day! It was my month to plan it and I of course picked a halloween theme! After a lot of searching on Pintrest, I found a really great project here. I know that I this link is bad, but I cant for the life of me find the blog this came from! I am so sorry. When I find it will let you know! What the lady did was take a profile picture of her daughter with a witch hat on. Then she printed it, glued it on black paper, and cut it out. Then she glued it down with the black side up on a piece of her daughters art! So cute and so easy! So I asked everyone to bring a piece of their costume and I took pictures of all the kids. Then I pulled out some white crayons and let them do a watercolor resist picture. In hindsight, I should have used lighter water colors, but it worked out. When they dried, we glued the silhouette down and added some glitter! The results were rather busy and exciting! 😉 Here is what they look liked:

This is Bunny in her tooth fairy wings.

Here is her friend C. as a fairy too!

C.’s brother H is a Knight.

Their little sister G. has a princess crown on.

Here is Pup with her cowgirl hat!

Finally, here is R. with his knight helmet too!
I love that this is project is going to let us remember what they were choosing to be for halloween! It is a really fun project and like I said they were rather busy, but everyone loved every step! 😉
Lunch was all halloween theme too! I found some jack-o-lantern quesedillas, ghost milk, and I bought some bat shaped brownies at the store! The kids loved it and it was pretty easy to make. Just as a side note for the quesadilla, instead of using kitchen shears, I used mini cookie cutters, and since I like both sides of my quesadilla toasty, I toasted the jack-o-lantern face first, then removed it from the heat, and then put the other tortilla, cheese, and the jack-o-lantern. They were all toasty and yummy!

So there we have it! It was alot of fun, the kids got to play alot, and I got to hang out too! It was really great! Are you doing any halloween fun? I would love to hear what you have been up to!