Making Snow

Yesterday I was in the school room getting my trays all ready for our start on Monday! We are going to be starting back and talking about the seasons, so I was making a bunch of winter trays for Pup! While I was working away, the girls came down too and they started working. What they did was make snowflakes! Bunny found a way to take a piece of paper and used the circle inset to make some snowflakes!  She made the snowflakes and then Pup colored them! I was really impressed with their cooperation and with Bunny’s finding a way to make them without any help! Bunny made a step by step tutorial for you! 😉

Step 1: Trace a circle

Step 2: Cut out the circle

Step 3: Fold it in half 3 times

Step 4: Cut triangles and lines in the edges.

Step 5: Unfold your snowflake

When they were done, they tossed them in the air like a snowstorm!

Here is what they look like!
After that, Bunny designed a craft for Pup to do! It was too cute! She drew a snowman with the circle inset, then on another piece of paper she drew the other parts of snowman for Pup to cut out and glue onto the snowman! They turned out really cute and they had a great time!

Ahhh…the beauty of the prepared environment at work here! So this is our start of winter fun! Be sure to stop back soon, I have all sorts of new tray to share with you all! I hope you are having a great January! Happy Schooling!