Snowflake Ornament Craft!

Here is a craft that we did this morning and the girls just loved! I did this years ago when Bunny was small and I cant remember where I saw it! It may have been from Family Fun. All it took was popsicle sticks, buttons, and glue! Super great! Each girl picked out three perfect sticks, then I hot glued them together (I learned the hard way last time we did this that tacky glue takes forever to dry and ti falls apart like crazy when you are doing the buttons)! The rest is mostly independent! All they need to do is put glue on the sticks and then put whatever buttons they find pretty! Now I am all for free art, but sometimes a structured project is fun and a great souse of pride when they see it hanging on the tree. They had a ton of fun picking out the buttons and putting them just so! 😉 Not to mention they look really pretty when they are done! Here are some pictures!

Aren’t they pretty? Again, it is a simple and fun Christmas ornament craft! I actually think they are really pretty and I love to see them on the tree! Last time we did this project with Bunny, we used colored sticks and they were really awesome (I didn’t have any today)! If you try this let me know, I love to see what other people’s projects look like! Happy Crafting!