Reading, Reading, and more Reading!

Well I know that I promised some DIY landforms, but I ran into some issues with the material I used, so you will have to wait. 🙁 Sorry. I hope to get it resolved soon and I promise to post all about it then! Until then I have some pictures of Bunny reading! I have been working really hard at getting to practice moat days and she is doing GREAT! I am not sure if it is her new glasses or if she is just ready or both, but she has been able to do better! She actually read a few signs and words on books all on her own! She was so excited when brought me a book and told me what it said! She is doing pretty well and we have had less crying over the hard stuff (thank God).She has even been able to figure things like “he” or “city” were the ending sound doesn’t say what it seems like its supposed to! She has done really well and I think soon we will be on to some word study!!!! Here are a few pics I’ve taken over the past week!

I am really proud of her and I hope that this is just the beginning! Thanks so much for stopping by! School today was a bit of math and some reading, then we got to visit with some really great friends! I hope you all had a great day too! Happy Schooling!