Friday Five~ Science

Well its Friday and it is time to share our five favorite materials! This week we are talking about our favorite science materials! Here are the five we love here!

1) Montessori Botany/zoology Puzzles/ Control Chart: We love these there! These puzzles are pretty, simple, and fun! Pup will builds them all the time and is learning a lot as she goes along! Plus this is one of those works that our friend love when they come to visit! These were well worth the extra money to buy the sets. The match the puzzles exactly and have a labeled control chart, blank control chart, and labels for each puzzle. I have used them as tracing work, copied them for coloring, and played games with them! Plus they are made our of plastic so they last forever!

2) Magic School Bus Movies: My girls LOVE these movies and have learned so much! Plus there is an episode for almost everything! I know these videos are pretty old, but they are such a great way to “see” science in a different way! Plus they are available on Netflix!


3) Nature Trays: I love these because there are a million ways to use these! It can be a personal collection from nature walks, or it can used to show real object from a theme that you are studying. I find that my girls enjoy setting them up and also exploring the object. Sometimes it inspired more questions, sometimes they just look! But it is a simple way to have science on hand!

4) Garden: This is science has really become real for my girls! Natural science can be learned almost totally in the garden. Now to be fair, I really don’t garden well and my success rate is not so good, but my girl know all about plants and it all started in the garden. To be honest, I think we learned about plants, insects, soil, rocks, and…well a ton of other stuff all in our planting. It is all inner connected and it is the easiest way to live cosmic education!

5) Animals: A visual encyclopedia: This book is just great! I think that they have updated it since this version, but it has everything about animals. Plus it is arranged by animal classifications (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates). This makes it easy for kids to start researching on their own, since they already are familiar with these basic classifications! I am looking into buying some of the other titles in this series!

6) Ollo Robotics Kit: This is the new kit that I bought for Bunny this year. She wants to build a real robot and this set is really detailed! It comes with 12 weeks of lesson plans and get really in depth. This is for older kids, but is a great hands on way to learn about making thing move and the science behind it! I am really looking forward to using this! Bunny is SUPER excited! We will see how it works!

So there is my five (ok, ok six) picks! I love to do science and so do my girls! It is the one thing that they both said that they wanted to do this year for school! In fact, it is sometimes the only thing they want to do! 🙂 Now I know you are just dying to see the other things that other have picked and I know you have a ton of great materials that you love too! So, be sure to pop on by Montessori Moments to play along with the Friday Five Link up! It is a fun one! Happy Schooling everyone!