Montessori Apron!

Well I have been struck by a sewing bug! 🙂 I can sew, but it usually frustrates me, but for some reason I am thinking of a ton of projects! One that I finished today is one that I want to make more of for our new school year. I made an apron for Bunny. This one is a wonderful Montessori apron that the girls will be able to put on by themselves (there is no tying)! It was designed by Meg McElwee (she is a Montessori teacher turned seamstress and mommy. Her blog is amazing, check it out!). It was so easy and the pattern was free! You can find it on her website Sew Liberated. Bunny loves her apron and it went together so easily that I cut one out for Pup too! I really want to go to the fabric store to see if I can get some waterproof material too! I am working on getting some more structured work time in this year, and since Bug and Tadpole will be back, the more defining things I have in place (rugs, aprons, shelves) the better. Anyway, enough chit chat! Here is the how our apron turned out!

She can put it on herself with the velcro strap.

It was easy for her to do, and I didnt need to make two straps.

I put a pocket on the front, just in case she needs it!

Don’t I have the cutest model ever? 🙂
Be sure to come back! I have a small play tent that was in Meg’s new book “Growing Up Sew Liberated” all ready to go! The girls are going to LOVE it (when I get it all sewed)! I also will show off more aprons, and Bunny is working on a sewing badge! 🙂 Looks like we found a new hobby for a bit!
Has anyone done any new creative things lately?