Fall~ NOW it is pumpkin time!

So here it is! What do you think? Do you like the new blog layout and style? I hope so. My dear brother has been encouraging and helping this along! I am loving the new colors and I hope you do too!

Sept. 24, 20143

This week was the long awaited first day of fall. To be honest, it is something that I neither look forward to nor really dread. I love all the seasons and frankly when they are timely they all bring some joy! Who can resist snowflakes falling gently on a hill while you sled and kids covered in piles of auburn leaves? No one, right?! Who can resist Popsicle on a pool filled day or the bright new green of spring leaves in the sun! Each season is awesome……but only when they come in their time. Everything seems to start soon and end sooner then ever! I get especially bugged this time of year. Pumpkin lattes in August……no thank you! I am one who staunchly refuses to make pumpkin treats before fall and to put up my Christmas decorations before December! I will not carve a jack-o-lantern before October and I dont start pulling out green until March. What is the point of rushing things along? After all the feel of the season comes with the actual weather that is part of it! Pumpkin farms when its 80 degrees are not fun!  The beach when it is 50 degrees can be fun(…..but only because I love the water). Its way too cold to enjoy! Rushing things along never really makes them better. You cant force things to make them happen faster…..as much as we (me included) would prefer it. Hmmmm…this is a really important thing. Happy moments, sad moments, and life really, happens only in its time. As much as we try we cannot force it along, we cant. Enjoying your life, your happily ever after starts with loving your daily small moments. If we wish moments away by trying to move life along faster, all we get is a life waiting for happy instead of a life full of happiness! So choose happy and slow down…..after all there will still be pumpkin lattes in November (and I will let  you in on a little secret…….they sell pumpkin all year long at the store, so you can make a sneaky treat in May too! Shhhhhh).

Where was your happy moment today? Was it a pumpkin latte? 😉

Sept. 24, 20141 Sept. 24, 201419(Here is Bunny’s Fall Pumpkin Stand she made to honor the season!)