Its Primarily Elementary!

Today I was sitting out in the sunshine with me little ones reading my Montessori albums. As I read, I watched the kids play, and I got to see first hand the difference between a primary child and an elementary child! The part of the Montessori theory I was reading was all about the imagination. A Primary child is so excited about learning all about his world. He is excited about all the bits and pieces of his world. Its all new and exciting! But when the child grows up, they start to change how they think. They are very familiar with their world and now they want to know all about the universe! They want to see thing that cant be seen by them. They can use their experience and their imagination to visualize what different places, even imaginary ones, are really like. So we can start to use stories to excited their interests and curiosity. They can start to see things and how they are all related! It is an exciting time for both of them, but in different ways. I think that as I move into the new year, this will really be a challenge for me. To see the needs of each girl in a different way! I need to think about how to make sure they each have space to have their needs met! Here is a perfect example of this difference!

Pup wanted to do her numbers. She really wanted to trace them and say them. She really was interested in learning the stuff about her world!

Bunny spent her time on another part of the driveway making a fairy world! It was a place she made on her own and she told me that there was soil, air, sun energy, and places to live and things to do! She made it all up on her own! She used her experience to apply it to a new world of her imagining!

I love how they can work in the same area and yet be on totally in different planes of development! It gives me hope that we can all work together in the same school room successfully! There are so many exciting things happening, and I really hope I know how to work it all out for the benefit of my family. Happy Schooling!