The shooting in Newton have had me thinking alot latley about children. We are all shocked and pained as a nation and I know there are so many people who would give anything to help ease the pain of the familes who are affected. With the passing of these children it makes me think alot about Tadpole too. I think about how unfair it seems that they are gone from this earth, how their families will never recover from the loss, and about how we can never garentee the safetly of our own fmailies. I think about my own children. Bunny was the same age as all of the children who were shot and it kills me think about losing her. But as I cried for those kid and their families, for Tadpole and his family, for my own kids in a uncertain world, I thought about all of them sitting in heaven with Jesus. I realzed that it is us that are in pain, that are sad, and us that dont know how to cope. Theya re happy, peacful, and perfectly fine. The other thing I relaized that we control nothing. Anyday something that can happen to any of us. We can get sick, get hurt, or pass away. I know that it is a really aweful thing to think about, but it is true. So the only thing we can do is live the best that we can.