A Bit of Montessori for You!

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I have exciting news here today! John Bowman, the amazing author of Montessori at Home! has offered to giveaway his bundle of awesome resources to THREE of you wonderful readers! I for one love this book! It is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants to do some Montessori work at home! Whether you are a wanting to add a little bit or if you want to start homeschooling full time, this is the best book to start with! Here is what John has written about his book:

The 2013 Third Edition of Montessori At Home!, gives you everything you need to be successful doing early learning activities with your 3-6 year old, including:

  • Clear, organized, thorough chapters on Maria Montessori, Early Childhood Education, Using Montessori Principles in Parenting, The Neuroscience of early childhood development, and a Parent’s Guide to Using Learning Materials at Home. With this information, you will be confident in your ability to provide your child with quality early learning experiences.
  • A Quick Start Guide, Ages & Activities Chart, and Suggested First Activities to get your activities off to a great start.
  • Links to sites, blogs, and videos expanding on the information in the book are found on almost every page – hundreds in total. The result is a virtual college course on understanding how your preschooler is developing and how to help her reach more of her true potential.
  • Over 300 activities in the areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Art & Music, Science, Digital Life, Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. The activities are sequence from the easiest to the more difficult, to make finding appropriate activities for your child easier.
  • Recommendations throughout the book for over 225 educational apps for preschoolers, and a Digital Life chapter with many ideas on safely introducing preschoolers to digital media.
  • 56 Pages of free printables to accompany many of the activities.
  • A free copy of the eBook: Mom Bloggers Talk Montessori – Favorite Activities & Ideas. This wonderful collection of the shared experiences of many Moms doing Montessori at home will help you get started and guide you along your way.

You could spend months and untold hours searching hundreds of blogs and reading books by Montessori and other educators to try to put together a coherent early learning program for your child. Or, you can buy Montessori At Home! for only $10.95 and get started in a few days. With Montessori At Home! on your computer or iPad, you are ready to start doing activities, and seeing results, right away.

Montessori At Home! is literally the only reference resource you need to create an effective home early learning program. The first two editions of Montessori At Home! have been downloaded by over 4000 parents, and many teachers, all over the world. The Third Edition is greatly expanded based on feedback from many parents. It has everything you need to do a complete Montessori early learning program right at home.


So now you want to know what you want to do to win one, right? Well here is what you need to do! Just look below here for the Rafflecopter Widget and follow the directions! Simple! Now this is a fast one, so be sure to enter NOW! Plus share it with your friends….or at least tell them how cool this book is! Now, if you are like me, you are feeling a little like you don’t want to wait for 5 days! You want the book TODAY! So…..I have good news: Instead of the regular $10.95, you can get it for just $8.95 for a limited time! That is SO inexpensive for what it is (really its less then a pizza)! So Click here to order it today! So show some love, enter to win, and Good Luck to you all!
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