A Year of Crafts~ Feburary!

Well yesterday my friend and I got together for our month craft day with the kids. Last Month we had a blast with our friends doing snowman crafts and this month it was my turn to host! Being February, I had to go all out for Valentine’s day! I really love valentines day. I don’t know if it all the sweet hearts, the pink and glitter, or if it just breaks up the winter just when you think you wont last all the way through it! Bu I love this holiday! So I set the table all up, got out and made some awesome decorations, and planned some crafty fun! I posted all about my decoration’s here if you want to see them! We started our fun with lunch! I made everything heart shaped and the kids thought it was pretty cool (so did I)!



 Hot Dogs
and Cookies!
After that we headed downstairs to make some crafts! I wanted to do something with buttons since last month the kids all loved them so much! So when I happened upon this craft on Pintrest, I knew that I needed to do that! So I found some really great raw wooden frames and I sprayed them white. I thought that they could decorate the frame too! So I had them draw some hearts on a piece of white tag board, and then fill them in with glue. Then, it was button time! They used a TON of buttons and they love it! When they finished that, it was time to break out the ribbon and more buttons for the frame! Each one of them turned out super differently and so cute! I love crafts like this that have a plan, but enough open-endness to make each project a work of all art unique to the artist! Here they are hard at work!

This one is by HM (age 3)

This one was made by Bunny

This one is Pups

This one is Bunny’s Friend CM
Aren’t they awesome! We also had another project for the kids, if they wanted to. They traced their hand and part of their are on some brown construction paper. They they cut it out and glued it to another paper. Then, they used some foam hearts as leaves to decorate their arm tree! I thought it would be a lot of fun to look back later and see how they grow!

Bunny made hers a Family Tree! 🙂

Here is HM’s picture! I really loved how he made the dogs and his uncle in the picture!
So that is what we did for our monthly craft! I love this idea and the kids do too! I hope that you all have had a chance for a little bit of valentines fun! What do you have planned for this year’s holiday?