Africa Continent Box!

This week we have turned our focus on the continent of Africa! This a personal favorite of mine. I love the vast culture and the colorful beauty of the different areas. I love the music and, though I have done much African cooking, it does fascinate me! Anyway, like all of my continent boxes I made all of the cards in them, and though I would love for them to be 3part cards, I couldn’t afford to do it. So there are basically pictures of the continent. Our Africa box is sorely lacking in cultural treasures as I don’t know anyone who has ever been there. (if anyone has an ideas of where to get some goodies for this let me know!) So here we go:

This box includes:
~ Pictures of African People
~ Pictures of African Food
~ Pictures of African Musical Instruments
~ Pictures of African Places
~ Pictures of African Birds
~ Pictures of African Animals
~ Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Hippo, and Camel Figures
~ Nativity Set handmade in Africa with native materials
~ Dried Gourd
 (This just happened around Halloween while it sat on my counter as a decoration)

 Our Cards
Our Animal figures

The Gourd

Our handmade Nativity
I really love to look through the pictures in the boxes with the girls and today Bunny was pretending that her baby loved lions. She had a lion toy for it and she was telling the baby all about lions in Africa! So I think that the information is just sinking in, even if they are only looking at the boxes for a short time! Gotta love the absorbent mind! I will be posting more on Africa soon!