Amazing Products from Montessori Print Shop!

I have been privileged to choose a product review for Montessori Print Shop. Since we are working on birds, I got the Parts of a Bird 3 part cards. 3 part cards are one of those products that sound like a good idea, but I always wonder if Bunny will really use them. What I found was interesting. Bunny usually only does the cards a few times, but she does absorb the information! The cards from Montessori Print Shop are actually the best I have ever presented her. The simple illustrations really provide a clear idea of where each area part is on the bird. I made a felt bird that I highlighted the parts of the bird with wool roving for her to look at while she did the cards. It wasn’t long before she could identify the parts of the bird! I was very impressed with this product. Not only did the cards print off beautifully, but they also came with the blank backline so that Bunny can color each part and label it to make a book. We haven’t done this part yet, but I think that she is going to LOVE to do it.

Our Tray with the Cards and the Bird
The Bird Card
I love how clear these cards are.

Bunny Working
She used the bird to point to the card that I asked her to find.

While we are learning about birds and the baby chicks, I thought that having the Parts of an Egg cards would be good too. Bunny and I have looked through them, but we haven’t had time this week to use them with a real egg yet, but this is part of our plan for Monday!

Our Parts of an Egg folder

The egg

There are so many parts to an egg I had no idea existed! 🙂 I love that I can learn too!
Bunny’s friend did these cards too, and she was able to do it on her own!

She finished!

I really love these cards and I really encourage you to check out the HUGE list of cards that are available through Montessori Print Shop! You will be pleased!

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