Antarctica Box!

As promised here is my post for our continent box of Antarctica! I have made all the cards by using google images. It was very time consuming, but a little more budget friendly! In an ideal world they would be 3- part cards that have words on all of them, but right now they are just pictures since I couldn’t afford to print 2 set of everything (I spent $120 as it was). I think that the boxes look pretty good, but I do view them all as an on going project. I figure that we can add to them as we go! So here is Antarctica!

This box includes:
~Pictures of people in Antarctica
(researchers since there are no native people)
~Pictures of Birds of Antarctica
~Pictures of Places in Antarctica
(not my best area, I need to work on this)
~Pictures of Animals in Antarctica
~Seal, Penguin, Whale, and Orca figures
~Bag of “snow”
Antarctica is a tough continent because there is so little that lives there. I did find out that there is a flag for the continent though, so I have to find a way to include that! I also found a set of 3 part penguin cards that Bunny loved (penguins are her favorite part about this continent). They were free here. There are some other freebies on this site too! 🙂

I also had her write a report on Antarctica ( I think that I might put it in our box too). Her drawings of the Emperor Penguins are SO sweet! I love the little baby on the Daddy’s feet (you have to look really close and you can see it orange beak).

Anyway, that wraps up Antarctica here! Because of Bunny’s birthday we did a lot less this week, but its good!