Art and play~ A Perfect Playdate!

Today we went to the art museum with some friends! Over at our art museum, they have a family center where there is a weekly art project, painting, and a playroom for kids to enjoy! The best part is its free! I love taking the kids there since there is something for them all to do! Today the project was making a diorama with a background, a midground, and a foreground! All the materials are out on a table for the kids to use as they need, and the variety is amazing! It is so much more then I could have gotten together on my own! All the kids make one and they were cute! I love watching what they choose and seeing what they come up with! Bunny really planned hers out, Pup just started gluing and gluing, Pup’s friend also wanted to glue, but her had a more methodical way of going about it! There was a lot of attention and concentration in all of them! I love what a pile of raw material can inspire kids to do! They are so ready and able to throw themselves into a project and come up with something special! It is something that I love to watch happen, dont you?

After doing the dioramas, it was time for some painting! In the family center, there are easels set up with paint waiting for a kid in the mood for creativity!

To end it all, it was time to play in the playroom! The playroom have a very strong Waldorf flavor with lots of open ended, natural, play materials! There was puppet stage, play clothes, train tracks, puzzles, books, etc. You get the idea!!!

We had oodles of fun together today!!!!! I love it when creativity, and play come together!!!! Not to mention it was great to have some time to chat with my friend!
I am linking up with It’s Playtime! There are a TON of awesome ideas there to check out too! Have fun playing and learning!