Baby Elephants and Zoo time!

Yes we went to the zoo again today! I think this make 3 times in the last month! But, hey, that’s the fun of a membership! Pup has asked me everyday this week to go see the monkeys, so I figured that we had better go! Today though was special because our zoo has a new baby elephant! This is a rather rare and fun thing to see! Our elephant is only a few weeks old and so tiny! It was so cute and we even got to see him playing around! Anyway…it was a lot of fun and we loved all of it!

I love how tiny he is!

He was playing!

Here is the “monkeys” Pup likes!

My two cuties!

The Gorillas were really fun to watch today!

Pup was scared that they would get her, but she finally “touched” it!

Bunny was watching this gorilla for a long time and she really made some great observations!

Bunny was really interested in the fact that the gorilla had fingernails and that they were bigger then hers!

She also thought it was cool that his feet could hold on to each other!

The girls had a treat and were able to ride the carousel!

Pup was actually not scared! I was proud of her!

Bunny also got to hold a guinea pig.

We also got to pet the goats!

Another shocker was that Pup actually touched a goat!!!!
We had a great time today! And I love these moments!
Have any of you taken any good day trips with your kiddos lately?