Banana Muffins and a Dream!

Today we had our friends over. I have noticed that Bug loves to bake and do practical life things. So, since I had some bananas that needed to be used up, we made some banana muffins! The girls loved it and everyone (except Tadpole) was involved! They turned out really well and Bug was SO proud of them! 🙂 Bug made one batch, and Bunny made the other. I don’t know what happened to the pics of Bunny working.

Peeling Bananas

Working together

Pup put all the muffin cups in!


Cracking an egg.

 I have backed off a little on the “school” projects for a bit to make sure that I have time to observe and that they have time to really work. I don’t know if I am offering them their lessons the right way. If anyone has any ideas of how to keep 4 kids of different age all working and focused, I would love some ideas! 🙂 I have also cracked open Maria Montessori’s “The secret of Childhood”. So far it is REALLY good. Its not light reading, but it is really good. I have been really trying to get some money together so I can get my NAMC training. I would love to be able to learn all the ins and outs of teaching Montessori. It is just a dream at this point, but if I keep getting babysitting referrals, I may have a small business on my hands! 🙂 We’ll see. Happy Schooling! 🙂