Beautiful Gardens!

Today we had a chance to get together with some homeschooling friends of ours and we both wanted to do something different then normal! Since we were studying plants, I suggested we hit the botanical gardens! WOW! I have never made it in the spring, but it was well worth the trip! The flowers we saw were so beautiful and in full bloom! To make this more fun, the gardens have a great scavenger hunt that the kids can do to win a prize! All in all it was a really great day full of beautiful plants and fun with friends! Not to mention we got a chance to see some ferns which, I was able to point out to Bunny was a type of plan that doesn’t make seeds! So we got in some learning!

We all had a wonderful day and as you can all see, I have a great time taking pics in all that beauty! 🙂 I hope you are all have a wonderful week! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here! Happy Schooling!!!!