Beauty on the Beach!

Today we finally we got the warmer weather that is more seasonal! It was actually HOT here. So this evening after dinner we took a small, unplanned trip out to the lake for a little nature time! The girls loved to stick their toes in the water! Pup was scared at first, then she walked in far enough to let the waves wash over her toes and she ran out yelling “I did it!” Her face was so cute and I had the hardest time trying to get a picture of it! Here are my attempts to catch the pride in her smile!

Almost in….

Such victory!

I did it!!!!!!

This is her jumping! She is jumping all the time!
She is very proud that she can do it without holding on to anything!

Here I asked her if she was filling in the lake and she said yes! 🙂

Shell exploring!

Jumping in the water!

My pretty girl! 🙂

We tried to take some family photos.

My cute Hubbie and Little girl. Don’t they look the same?

This was as good as I could get in the wind! 🙂
What did you do this weekend?