Bird Crafts!

The other day we got together with some friends to do some bird crafts, and I will put out the warning now:

These Crafts are MESSY!
We are both working on bird studies right now, so we wanted to work together! The crafts we did were Bird Seed cookies (for the birds) and nests. They turned out alot better then I thought they would at the time! 🙂 Here are some pictures of what we did!
The first thing that we did was make our bird nests. This craft looked really easy and had a nice result. I found it here. Now again, this turned into a real mess, really quick! Our balloons kept shrinking, our yarn didn’t have quite enough glue, and well the girl were not so sure about being that sticky! I was the one who got to put my hands in a ton of glue! The trick is lots of glue! I will repeat, LOTS of glue! 🙂
Bunny was excited in the beginning!

She really doesn’t like to get her hands messy. She never has! 🙂

Here is Pup’s. She put all of the yarn in the glue in a clump,
so I had to untangle it and hand it to her piece by piece!

Our finished nests!

This is Pup’s.

This is Bunny’s

After we finished and had the nest drying, we thought it would be a good idea to do the next project! This one also looked really simple, and with a few modifications it was. The recipe for the bird cookies was found here. There were three ingredients: bird seed, corn syrup, and flour. The idea was to mix it up, then pat it flat, and cut it with cookie cutters. This didn’t work, so…..we added lots more corn syrup and flour to hold it together! After that we were able to fill the cookie cutters and use them like a mold. This worked out pretty well. They needed to dry for a while, then be flipped to dry on the other side. When they were done, I thought that they would work out really well in our suet feeders. We haven’t had a chance to put them out yet though, because of the rain. I’m afraid they will melt! 🙂 Because there was birdseed all over my kitchen and up my arms (this is an outdoor craft) I didn’t get any pictures of us making them, but here is the finished products!
Birdseed cookies!
Finally I found the coolest pasta at the store. It was Nest pasta. It was linguine that was twisted into round bunched like nests! So I had to have them for our dinner! I made some bird eggs meatballs to go with it! So here was our dinner to end our bird day! I added corn since it looked like bird food! 🙂
Finally I found some books that were just too good not to mention! So here is a little book list that we used so far!