Botany Time!

We have been really working on some botany activities lately. I have posted about some of it, but I wanted to show you what we have done the last few days! I don’t have the traditional Botany Cabinet, but I figured that if we used real leaves we could learn much the same things. So the other day we went for a walk, but with all the wind blowing, Bunny found some great leaves that I wasn’t planning on finding! So our walk quickly turned into a leaf hunt! After finding the leaves,we put them on contact paper, cut them out and put then into a notebook. Then I took the botany cabinet three part cards and we pick which shape each leaf was and Bunny wrote it in the book. It turned out really well. I think that we will look into the identity of each leaf next. I found a book at the library that will help with that.

We really did start out on a walk, but it turned out to be a hunt.

Look what I found!

Peeling our leaf “stickers”

She thought this was great!

Here she is picking the right shape.
Here is a finished page. She liked the orbiculate one the best! It was her favorite!

She also added some of her own drawings! She loving writing the names of things. Unfortunately she still has a really hard time sounding the sounds. If she does do it, she asks if it is right. If I don’t tell her, she get upset. So I tell her the sounds. I don’t know what to do about it. I guess we’ll work on it more! 🙂

Bunny also did the parts of a leaf book! She loves to make books and I really need to do more of them with her!

Here are the pages of her book!

Bunny also drew a great picture of a bean and I asked her to tell me about our bean work. This is what she said. I think she did a great job! 🙂

Here is her bean report.

So far I have been amazed at what she remembers and she is liking the work! Tomorrow we are headed to a greenhouse to see how plants grow! I will of course take pictures! 🙂