Bunny Update!!!

Well I wanted to share with all of you that Bunny had a breakthrough the last couple of days! I really did a lot of thinking about Bunny after reading all your amazing advise, and I realized that she is easily overwhelmed by abstract ideas. I have to start out very small and concrete, then let her move forward as she gets more comfortable. Once again Maria Montessori had it right….Observation is SUPER important. So I made an object box for her to use with the moveable alphabet. I wasn’t going to show it to her till Monday, but she saw it and wanted me to show it to her. In fact she begged so I did. I showed her that she could pick on object, then sound it out and make the word with  the alphabet. She got to work and she started sounding things out! She was so excited to see herself making words!!!!! I was Shocked! Then today she went down to our school room to color and I went down and found her working with the farm animal book tray. (I had some animal stickers that I put out for her to use with moveable alphabet to make the pages in a book) She was working ALL BY HERSELF!!!!! I was so proud of her! She was really sounding thing out! I was SO proud, she was SO proud! It was awesome to see her working! I really want to thank all of you who were so supportive! It was SO helpful to have so many comments and I really appreciate it! I realized today that Bunny always has been like this, just when I didn’t think she would ever be able to do something, she would do it! When I finally back off (we took the week off of school) she does better. I really still need to work on me, and change my way of doing things, but I thought I would share some good that happened! Here is Bunny at work:

Here she is starting, this is when she called me down to see her work.

She wrote the word down after she figured it out

See how happy she is!

She even figured out there was a double letter sound!

Here are her words:
“pig, lamb, chicken, cat, cow, and bunny”

Here are the pages of her book!
Thank you all again for your help!