Celebration of Life!

Today is Bunny’s fifth birthday and I am so proud of all she has done in their past year! To celebrate her amazing little life we had a Celebration of Life ceremony for her. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Montessori tradition, it is a chance to remember all the things that she has done since the start of her journey around the sun. It starts with the child holding a globe and walking about a lit candle. The candle represents the sun and the globe represents the child living on earth.

 Here she is sitting so that you could see the circle and the “sun”

The child walks in a circle around the “sun” and stops at the place she started. This is her first birthday when she complete her first trip around the sun! I had some pictures of her first year and of her at age one. We also told some stories. Then the child make another walk around the “sun” and this is her second birthday. And you continue on for each year of her life. After each walk I had pictures of her at that age and some stories to remember. When we got to her fifth walk we sang Happy Birthday and she blew out the candle. Then I gave her a gift (the rest she will open at her party later). She really liked it. I think that it is such a special way to remember your child and all the special things that she has done!